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Claris Health Parenting Support Program. Learn more about our parenting support, and classes (including court-mandated) in LA County and virtually around the nation.

Welcome to the Claris Health Parenting Support Program!

We are available to support you and your family from pregnancy until your child turns 5. Through informative classes (Childbirth Preparation, Potty Training, Sleep Training, Safety classes, Developmental Stages, and Ways to Have Fun with Your Child), we are here for you every step of the way. In addition to our free classes, we offer one on one sessions where you meet with an advocate to discuss any specific parenting questions you may have. Finally, we are also here for your material needs. Diapers and wipes are available to you twice a month and you’ll be allowed to look through our Baby Store for clothing, gear, and other necessities. See below for information on our court-mandated parenting classes.

Monthly Calendar

Court-Mandated Parenting


Breakthrough Parenting (available in English & Spanish)

Join Claris Health for group sharing and parent learning. In this discussion series, participants go through lessons based on Dr. Jane Major’s proven Breakthrough Parenting methods. These classes are offered in English and Spanish and are open to moms, dads, and relative caregivers at no cost. There is a $20 workbook fee or you can print out a PDF version. Classes can be taken virtually or in-person at our West or South LA sites.

ĒMA: Every Mother’s Advocate

Take advantage of comprehensive personalized parenting support. You will be paired with an Advocate who will  provide parenting lessons (using the Nurturing Parenting curriculum) and an individualized goal setting and case management plan to achieve stability for your family! This program is available at no cost. Sessions are offered in English or Spanish and can be done virtually or in-person.

Supply Donations

For any interested donors, this is a list of items that we do and do not accept. Certain items come with specific instructions, which have been listed below. Children up to the age of 5 years only, please.

BRAND NEW and gently used baby clothes for boys and girls (0-5T)

Brand new baby bottles, or pacifiers

Brand new or gently used cribs

All instructions and parts must be included

Brand new or gently used high chairs, Moses baskets, bassinets

Bumbo seats

Brand new or gently used car seats (infant, toddler, convertible)

Car seats may not be older than 2015

Must come with all parts, including base

Baby food and formula (may not be used or opened)
–      Please check expiration date

Diapers (sizes 1-6)

Packages may not be opened

We do accept Pull-ups if offered, also must not be opened

Books (for children as well as parents)

Educational DVDs (for children as well as parents)

Baby Gates

Educational toys (infant, toddler, and preschooler)

Brand new or gently used crib bedding (bedding, sheets, etc)

Car mirrors

Nursing pillows (“Boppies” etc)

BRAND NEW breast pumps

Infant and toddler socks and shoes

Baby proofing equipment

Very used or stained baby clothes

Anything for children over the age of five.

VHS movies

Stuffed animals

Car Seats older than 2016 models

Any items that have not been sterilized or cleaned

Household furniture (chairs, desks, dressers, etc)

Used breast pumps

Used baby bottles, pacifiers, bottle nipples

Used nursing bras

Car seats without the base


A: We have a short intake packet for you to fill out when you come. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to complete this process.

A: As an active participant in our program, you will have the opportunity to receive diapers and wipes twice a month (although you may attend as many classes as you would like). Additionally, you will have access to our free Baby Store (baby and maternity clothing, baby gear, and more) two times a month. 

A: We offer court-approved Breakthrough Parenting classes and one-on-one sessions. Successful completion of the course requires attending all sessions and completing the workbook. Upon completion, the client will receive a certificate and letter of completion for court. There is a $20 materials fee for the workbook, but all classes are free.

A: Classes are typically about 30-60 minutes with shopping time at the end.

A: Parking is free at our West LA Support Center and our Lynwood Clinic!

A: Children are definitely welcome at our classes. However, it does get a bit loud. Please bring something to entertain them so that you can concentrate on the class.

A: You are able to attend as many classes and one-on-one sessions as you would like! Shopping and diapers/wipes are limited to twice a month, but we love to see you as much as possible. 

A: You can always drop in to one of our classes, but it is nice to know you are coming!


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