Together, in 2017 . . .

We're on track to invest $1.3M back into our communities

funding 5,350 services

to help build a healthy future for

600 women facing an unintended pregnancy situation

and 8,800 others at-risk for sexual health concerns. 


Efficient Stewardship

For every dollar donated by our generous family of supporters:

Dollar Breakdown

A Full Service Shop

Wide-ranging services allow us to be there for clients every step of the way. Here are our projected service numbers for 2017:


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Medical Services

  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Early Prenatal Care
  • Health Screenings
  • STD/STI Testing


Counseling Sessions

  • Peer Counseling
  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy

    Support Services

    • Classes
    • Support Groups
    • Case Management

    Reality Check

    • Student Presentations
    • Parent/Faculty Presentations
    • Lunch Club Meetings

    Every day, our clinics provide an average of 20 services while Reality Check presents almost 1.5 times. Every day, our clinics provide an average of 20 services. Every week, Reality Check makes multiple presentations to 150+ students.


    Client Breakdown

    Pregnancy Clients

    On track to serve 600 patients who will gain access to the depth of Claris Health's pregnancy-related care.

    Sexual Health Clients

    Estimated to see 800 sexual health patients, who may trust Claris Health with a future unintended pregnancy.

    Reality Check Clients

    Reality Check regularly reaches 8000 teens and parents with presentations around the topics of sexual health. 

    *Blue border thickness denotes depth of care


    Pregnancy Outcomes


    Of those who test positive . . .

    80% intend to carry their pregnancy to term, 15% intend to terminate the pregnancy, and 5% are undecided.


    Abortion Outcomes

    Pregnancy Undecided