Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what we’re all about.

Claris Health is licensed by the California Department of Public Health as a Primary Care Clinic*.  Claris is also accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

*Primary Care Clinics are Health Facilities licensed under section 1200 of the Calif. Health and Safety Code that provide services limited to those listed in California Building Code Section 1226.6.

All of our services are either free or very low cost.  You can view a list of services here and contact us if you’re interested in booking an appointment or discussing cost(s).

Claris Health provides services regardless of insurance status. The only exception to this is with regard to our group-based prenatal care, which requires insurance so that we can order necessary labs, etc. If you are pregnant and qualify, we can sign you up for presumptive eligibility (emergency) medi-cal insurance.

We are in-network with some insurance plans, and we can accept some additional insurance plans. Please let us know if you have Medi-Cal or private insurance. We will check to see if you are eligible to bill for some services. If you’re not eligible, we’ll either provide the service for free or discuss a sliding scale price before your visit. Also, if you need and qualify for Medi-cal, Claris staff may be able to assign you to an emergency Medi-Cal plan. 

Claris Health provides services regardless of insurance status. If you are pregnant and qualify, Claris Health can sign you up for presumptive eligibility (emergency) medi-cal insurance. All other patients needing health insurance will be referred to DPSS, local primary care clinics with enrollment specialists, My Health LA, or Covered California depending on their needs. 

We specialize in providing a safe space for you to explore all of your pregnancy options. Since we also offer pregnancy loss/ post-abortion counseling, we offer a neutral support system regardless of your decision. We want you to feel safe to return for ongoing support. Claris Health does not perform abortions, but there are many other providers in our area specialize in pregnancy termination services.

Claris Health patients are provided with a list of comprehensive and specialty medical practices in the Los Angeles area. We also offer medical education, information, and counseling on this choice. We don’t provide direct referrals to a particular clinic. There are many providers in our area who perform that service. If you do not know who to contact, a local clinic can be found through an internet search or you can reach out to your insurance company (including Medi-Cal) for a list of in-network providers.  

Claris Health is not politically affiliated. We educate on all pregnancy options and specialize in parenting, adoption, and post-abortion support.  Regardless of your choice, we are there to assist you in the months following with parenting, adoption, or post-abortion/pregnancy loss support.  

We are happy to offer our virtual services via Zoom and or any other TeleCare platform. Click here to learn more about virtual services. 

Claris Health provides services to all individuals regardless of immigration status. We can also connect undocumented individuals with legal and immigration services as well as health insurance (through My Health LA). 

Yes, we work with survivors of trafficking to provide much needed medical services (STI testing, pregnancy services, pap testing etc.) as well as case management, counseling and support programs (adoption, pregnancy loss or parenting support). Our staff is trained in identifying and working with trafficking survivors and providing a trauma-informed approach to care.  

Claris’ staff participates in collaborative meetings, such as the Compton Human Trafficking Taskforce and The LA Regional Human Trafficking Taskforce, aimed at preventing and protecting victims of trafficking. We also work in close partnership with several agencies that work with survivors of trafficking including Forgotten Children, Inc., Qualified, CAST, Saving Innocence and Star View Community Services CSEC division.

Claris’ medical services are provided by licensed clinicians. Depending on the appointment time and location, you will be seen by either a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or Certified Nurse Midwife. Additionally, your medical record will be independently reviewed by our Medical Director (OB/GYN).

We adhere to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which establishes national standards to protect patients’ medical records and other individually identifiable health information. You can read more about our privacy statement here

Yes, we can offer the following services to anyone considering an abortion:

    1. Pregnancy test verified by a medical professional 
    2. Ultrasound (following national AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine) guidelines) to confirm cardiac activity (pregnancy viability), intrauterine pregnancy (fetal location), and gestational age of the pregnancy. These are all important to determine after initially confirming a pregnancy with a urine or blood pregnancy test.  These are all recommended prior to undergoing a pregnancy termination.   
    3. Time to address questions or concerns with a medical professional 

We provide services to all individuals regardless of the pregnancy decision or outcome. If you have chosen to terminate a pregnancy, and want to process that decision, you’re welcome to do so in a one-on-one (therapy) or group environment at Claris.

Claris does not facilitate adoptions.  We encourage anyone interested in adoption to work with licensed, ethical adoption providers (agencies and attorneys) who are following best practices including separate legal representation for expectant moms, reasonable fees, written contact agreements, and post-adoption care for birth mothers. 

No, we are not a religious or faith-based organization. Claris Health is a community-based non-profit organization that provides services without discrimination. The Board, staff and volunteers at Claris are largely comprised of Christian individuals, and this often provides the motivation for the work we do.

Claris Health works within a network of over 320 community partners including other medical clinics, non-profits, governmental agencies and faith-based organizations.  Additionally, there are some churches and other faith-based organizations that promote Claris Health within their networks and provide financial support.