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All-Around Care

Be heard and gain clarity as you explore all of your pregnancy and sexual-health options. After your decision — no matter which route you take— we can continue the journey together.

Medical Care

Receive medical care from clinicians who bring a unique blend of expertise for your pregnancy and sexual-health needs.

Counseling & Support

Gain practical equipping from licensed therapists or peer advocates to help you adopt a new standard of health for your physical and emotional health.


Find relational support for your continued well-being: mentorship, education, case management, and community resources.


Claris offers the following medical, mental health, and support services. Click each box to learn more!

Pregnancy + Prenatal Care

What: A urine pregnancy test is a reliable method of assessing pregnancy. The test looks for a hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). The presence of this hormone typically indicates pregnancy and can be detected in the urine 10 days after fertilization and by blood 8 days after fertilization of the egg and attachment to the uterine wall. Most people schedule a urine pregnancy test around the time of a missed period. A blood test is not routinely performed to diagnose a pregnancy.

Who: Patients ages 12 years or older.

Cost: No cost for urine pregnancy testing. $10 for blood testing, if the blood test is deemed necessary by the clinician.

Learn more about our free and confidential pregnancy test services.

What: Ultrasound imaging can be used to detect and confirm a pregnancy. Claris Health offers limited obstetric ultrasound scans. These scans are not intended for diagnostic purposes but follow national AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine) guidelines for limited first trimester ultrasounds and are used for the following medical purposes:

    • Confirmation of intrauterine pregnancy (pregnancy location).
    • Confirmation of cardiac activity (pregnancy viability).
    • Estimation of gestational age of the pregnancy.

These are all important to determine after initially confirming a pregnancy with a urine or blood pregnancy test.

Who: Ultrasound scans are made available to patients who have a positive pregnancy test, are at least 6 weeks pregnant, and have not had a previous ultrasound. 

Cost: No cost to qualifying patients

Learn more about our early pregnancy ultrasound services. 


What: Prenatal and postpartum care is offered to patients who qualify for our program. We also offer group-based prenatal care, based on the Centering Pregnancy model, to qualifying patients at Claris’ Lynwood clinic facility. This model of prenatal care brings patients out of the exam room and into a group setting, which also helps build a community of support. Groups are typically formed with 4-10 women of different ages, races, and socio-economic backgrounds. Groups begin in their first trimester of pregnancy and include the standard 10 prenatal visits.

Who: Pregnant women who enroll during their first trimester of pregnancy. Patients must have Medi-Cal insurance or be willing to pay for lab and other testing services.

Why: There’s a reason why 96% of women prefer receiving their prenatal care in a Centering Group. You will have greater access to your provider, learn more about pregnancy, and be better equipped for birth within a supportive network of moms.

Cost: No cost for Medi-Cal patients. Contact us to check eligibility or to discuss payment options for non Medi-Cal patients.

Learn more about Claris’ prenatal care program.


What: Options education allows patients to thoroughly explore all pregnancy options* (parenting, adoption, and abortion) and provides medical information, community support services, etc. Trained patient advocates and clinical staff are available to discuss options, answer questions, and provide information.

*Claris does not perform abortions and does not facilitate adoptions.

Who: All pregnant or potentially pregnant patients.  If desired, they may include their partners or family members.

Cost: No cost

Contact us to schedule a pregnancy test.


Meet with one of our virtual birth educators for a one-hour overview of the labor and delivery process, coping techniques, etc. 

Learn more about our Virtual Care Services. 


Sexual Health

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)/Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing

What: Blood and urine tests are used to look for commonly occurring sexually transmitted diseases and infections that can be passed between partners during sexual contact. We offer testing for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HSV-2*, trichomoniasis, and hepatitis B and C. 

Additionally, we test for other non sexually transmitted infections including vaginal yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and urinary tract infections.  

* HSV-2 testing available during active outbreak

STI treatment is available on-site or through a referral clinic depending on the diagnosis.

Who: Individuals over the age of 12 who present certain risk factors determined by the medical professional.

Cost: $10-40. Financial aid available to qualifying patients.

Learn more about our low-cost STD testing and treatment.


WhatRegular gynecological exams that include physical screenings, testing, preventative care, and health education.

Well woman exams may include:

    • Discussion of family history and family planning
    • Vital Signs (height, weight, blood pressure)
    • STI Testing
    • Breast exam to check for abnormalities
    • Pelvic exam including a pap test to check for infections and precancerous cells
    • Referrals to Primary Care Physician(s) for any abnormal findings
    • Opportunity to discuss general health questions

Who​Doctors recommend well woman exams starting at age 21 and then annually thereafter. 

Pap testing (included in well woman exams) is available for all premenopausal women. Doctors recommend getting a pap smear at age 21 and then at least once every three years. If you have certain risk factors, you may need to get them more frequently. These factors include:

    • Prior diagnosis of cervical cancer or a Pap smear that showed precancerous cells
    • Exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES) before birth
    • HIV infection
    • Weakened immune system due to organ transplant, chemotherapy, or chronic corticosteroid use
    • History of smoking 


Insurance Patients: We accept LA Care Direct and straight Medi-Cal.  Co-pay may apply.

Cash Patients: $65-$100 (w/ STI + Pap Testing).

Financial aid available to qualifying patients.

Learn more about our Well Woman Exam. 


What: Basic health assessment to check blood pressure, heart rate, weight, height, and BMI.  There’s also an opportunity to address any areas of concern,  help improve general health and well-being, and provide referrals if necessary.

Who: Available at our mobile clinic locations to all individuals ages 18 and older, or 12 and older with parental consent.

Cost: No cost

Contact us to schedule a basic health assessment.


What: Education and birth control options suitable for your unique physical and lifestyle needs and preferences. The following contraception methods may be available: 

Contraceptive implant (Nexplanon) – Small, thin, and flexible implant placed discreetly under the skin of the arm.

Vaginal RingSoft, plastic ring that you place inside your vagina. 

Depo Provera – An injection that is given every three months to suppress ovulation.

Oral Contraceptives – Pills that must be taken daily to avoid pregnancy.

Condoms- A barrier method of contraception that must be worn during sexual intercourse. 

Fertility Education– a health and wellness program that educates women to manage their fertility through cycle tracking and other natural methods.  

Birth control visits also include:

    1. Health history
    2. Blood pressure check
    3. Pregnancy test 
    4. Education and discussion on various birth control methods 

Who: Patients ages 14 years or older.

Cost: Insurance Patients: We accept LA Care Direct, and Medi-Cal.  Co-pay may apply.

Cash Patients: $40.00 for office visits if we do not accept your insurance plan.


What: A Pap smear or Pap test is a medical test in which a medical provider collects cells from the cervix during a pelvic exam* and those cells then undergo a microscopic examination. These cells are evaluated for abnormalities, such as the presence of cancerous or precancerous cells. A Pap test can detect certain viral infections such as human papillomavirus (HPV), which is known to cause cervical cancer.

*The pelvic exam also includes an inspection of external and internal genital areas and an assessment of the health of the reproductive system and organs. It can also help identify pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), fibroids, etc.

Who: Pap testing is available for all premenopausal women. Doctors recommend getting a Pap smear at 21 years of age and then at least once every three years. If you have certain risk factors, you may need to get them more frequently. These factors include:
– Prior diagnosis of cervical cancer or a Pap smear that showed precancerous cells
– Exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES) before birth
– HIV infection
– Weakened immune system due to organ transplant, chemotherapy or chronic corticosteroid use
– History of smoking

Cost: $50-$75 for Pap (w/ STI Testing). Financial aid available to qualifying patients.

Contact us to schedule a Pap Test today.


What: Sexual and relational health education presentations, assemblies, events, small group discussions, and mentoring opportunities that empower youth and young adults to critically navigate sexual decisions, healthy relationships, dating, and the media’s influence. Presentations are also offered to parents of youth and young adults, discussing how parents can create safe relationships with their children to encourage conversations about difficult topics.

Who: Youth and young adults (grades 5-12), college age students, and parents.

Cost: Suggested donation of $150 to cover transportation, literature, and other costs. If funding is not available, presentations are offered free of charge.

Learn more about Claris’ sexual and relational-health education program (called Reality Check) or check out their program website here.


Therapy + Support Programs

What: Therapy services are available to address relationships, anxiety, depression, pregnancy loss, parenting concerns, and other related topics. 

Who: Professional counseling is prioritized for individuals, couples, and families who are facing a challenge resulting from a pregnancy or sexual health situation. 

Cost: Initial visit is no cost; subsequent visits are $25-$40 per session (depending on the therapist). 

Learn more about our Mental Health and Support Services.


What: Support groups and individual counseling are offered to those who have chosen to place their child(ren) for adoption or anyone wishing to process or heal from a past pregnancy loss, including miscarriage, stillbirth, and abortion.

Who: Individuals or couples who have placed their child(ren) for adoption or experienced a past pregnancy loss.

Cost: $20 donation to cover group materials.

Contact:  Contact us to learn more to join a Support Program.

What: Mentorship and educational workshops are offered to help new parents thrive in their roles. Incentive programs encourage class participants to earn basic baby supplies, equipment, food and more. Court-mandated classes (using the Breakthrough Parenting curriculum) are available to any parent in need of this service. 

Who:  Classes are open to anyone (individuals, couples, families) who is pregnant or parenting a child under the age of 5.

Cost: No cost for individuals, except for a one-time $20 materials fee for court-mandated classes; stipend suggested for agencies requesting a Claris parenting teacher.

Learn more about our Parenting Support Program. 


Get connected to our parenting classes (English or Spanish). Parents of children 0-5.

Looking for extra support as a parent? Do you have specific parenting questions? Schedule a session with Claris’ parenting program staff.

Looking for court-approved parenting classes? Book these classes with a certified instructor. Open to parents with children of any age.

Breakthrough Parenting (available in English and Spanish)

    • Join Claris Health for group sharing and parent learning. In this discussion series, participants go through lessons based on Dr. Jane Major’s proven Breakthrough Parenting methods. These classes are offered in English and Spanish and are open to moms, dads, and relative caregivers at no cost. There is a $20 workbook fee or you can print out a PDF version. Classes can be taken virtually or in-person at our West or South LA sites.

EMA (Every Mother’s Advocate)

    • Take advantage of comprehensive personalized parenting support. You will be paired with an Advocate who will provide parenting lessons (using the Nurturing Parenting curriculum) and an individualized goal setting and case management plan to achieve stability for your family! This program is available at no cost. Sessions are offered in English or Spanish and can be done virtually or in-person.

What: Caseworkers are available to process and create an inventory of need, assist with various resources, and provide a direct connection to community referrals for housing, employment, childcare, public benefits, and more. Click here to see a list of Claris’ community partners.

Who: Individuals, couples and families in need.

Contact: Contact us to learn more or to book an appointment with a caseworker.


Claris Health has partnered with life coach, Christie Pierce! Click here to read more about Christie’s credentials and how to get connected. 


DISCLAIMER: Please complete the appointment request below. We will contact you to confirm the time and eligibility.

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