Overall Summary & Next Steps

Here’s a small snapshot of some of the highlights of our time in Uganda.

What this doesn’t capture, however, is the hundreds of other lives that we were priveleged to hold, counsel, and get to know.

Now that we’re home and are processing and sharing everything we’ve been a part of, the number one question we’re asked is “what’s next?” While we’re already dreaming and planning for the next trip (2019, hopefully) there is much that can be done now to support the ongoing work of the various Ugandan groups that we had the privilege of serving. Below is a list of specific ways that you can support their efforts.

* Sponsor education|food|lodging for an elementary child @ $60/month
* Sponsor education|food|lodging for a secondary child @ $80/month

* Sponsor a student’s education @ $35/month
* Sponsor a student’s residency @ $35/month
* Make a general donation to cover medical care, summer camp, food, etc.

Rejoice School (Pastor Daniel’s Village in Mokono)
* Sponsor a student at Rejoice School @ $30/month
* General donation for meals, teachers salaries, and facility upgrades

Rahab Uganda
* Sponsor a young girl’s school fees @ $40/month
* Cover food at the home for all 30 girls @ $555/month
* Cover food for the drop-in center @ $194/month
* Cover all medical needs for the girl living at the home @ $138/month

Sanyu Babies Home
* Help with ongoing needs (food, clothing, diapers, wipes)
* Support a special project (renovating the roof, construction on the home)

* Donate to provide food & shelter for pregnant teens at the home
* Support the expansion project of moving to a larger home to house 50+
* Support hospital expenses during prenatal check-ups and delivery
* Sponsor a girl’s school fees for re-entry into school

Contact us for further information on how you can contact or support any of the above.

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