Los Angeles Agency Partners

Meet Our LA Partners!

Contact Person: Kali Spicer, Executive Director

Email: kali@afterhoursministry.org

Address: 1425 N. Cherokee Ave, PO Box 93275 Los Angeles, CA 90093

Phone: 208-371-8448

Secondary Agency Contact: Jen Cecil, President of AHM Board

Agency Email: afterhoursministry@gmail.com

Agency Phone: 323-524-8044

Description of services: At this time, we can provide after care, friendship and connection, prayer, and spiritual support for victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation who are pregnant. After Care includes advocacy and support for victims and survivors as they navigate social services and other resources. We have a team of volunteers who respond to our hotline calls and texts and walk alongside women in their transition and transformation.

Eligibility Requirements: Many of the women we already work with are pregnant. It is very common that the breaking point for women getting out of the life and away from their pimp is pregnancy. At that point they are seeking help to find healthcare, support, housing, and safety from their trafficker/pimp. We do street outreach and give gift bags with our hotline number in it. That is how many of the women we help find us.

Preferred process for receiving referrals: The best way would either be through email (hotline@afterhoursministry.org) or through our hotline number (323-524-8044).

Connection To Referral Network: We are so excited to be a part of this referral network because many of the women we meet through street outreach and our hotline are pregnant. We are always looking for more support and partners to help us help the women who reach out to us through our hotline. It is so easy to feel isolated and disconnected from other organizations and services, but it would be SO much better if we collaborated and could support each other as we support these women!

Contact Person: Brenda Elizinger


Address: 1500 Hughes Way Ste C100

Phone: 213-807-1980, Ext: 8060

Secondary Agency Contact: Family Engagement Team

Agency EmailFET8@ChildrensInstitute.org

Agency Phone: 213-252-5800

Description of services: Community Activities, Employment Support, Skill Building, Social Support, Prenatal Support, & Early Childhood Services, including home-based and center based childhood programs.

Eligibility Requirements: Early Head Start (prenatal mothers and children ages 0 to 3), Family Childcare Homes (children ages 0 to 5, throughout Los Angeles) & Home Visitation Services (prenatal to 5)

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Please visit our website or contact us for more information.

Connection To Referral Network: Teaming to provide resources that support families in achieving emotional well-being and educational success, which build pathways to economic mobility.

Contact Person: Shannon Miner, Client Services Administrator

Email: shannon.miner@changelives.org

Address: 1853 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: (310) 401-9398

Secondary Agency Contact: Bianca Smith, Site Director

Agency Email: bianca.smith@changelives.org

Agency Phone: (310) 401-9422

Description of services: Resources and support in the job search: resume assistance, practice interviews, and job general search assistance and resources. This support can be provided in preparation for when pregnant women are ready to enter into the workforce.

Eligibility Requirements: Actively job seeking, mentally and emotionally ready and able to work, and at least 18 years old.

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Clients can call our New Client Hotline at (213) 394-2390 and select the Chrysalis location they are looking for. Additionally, clients and/or partner agencies can email cs@changelives.org. Partner agencies can include our referral form, but it is not required.

Connection To Referral Network: We are excited to build bridges between different organizations serving our folks on the Westside and across Los Angeles.

Contact Person: Tera Hilliard, President/CEO


Address: 4401 Atlantic Ave. Suite 200, Long Beach, CA 90807

Phone: 310-871-6594

Secondary Agency Contact: Shondra Barrett

Agency Emailshondra@fci-laorg

Agency Phone: 562-537-6270

Description of services: Resources for services, referrals, case management, emergency support.

Eligibility Requirements: Must be 18 years old, a victim of human trafficking or sexual exploitation or have a history of trafficking.

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Referral Form sent over via email.

Connection To Referral Network: Partnering with an organization like Claris, ensures victims of human trafficking receive the quality care and services they need.

Contact Person: Ana Antonio – Family Support Service Manager

Email: amantonio@laep.org

Address: 1541 Wilshire Blvd, suite 200, Los Angeles, 90017

Phone: 213-622-5237 ex 263

Secondary Agency Contact: Merle Guzman- Prenatal Coordinator

Agency Email: mguzman@laep.org

Agency Phone: 213-622-5237 ex 244

Description of services: Bi-monthly prenatal home visits. Connect parent to community resources.

Eligibility Requirements: Pregnant, any trimester. Must live in 90001, 90250, 90301, 90302,90303,90305. Low income, calworks, snap, ssi, foster care

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Email

Connection To Referral Network: We can connect with other agencies and offer our services to the community.

Contact Person: Danielle Lowe, Behavioral Health Services Director

Email: dlowe@shieldsforfamilies.org

Address: 11601 S Western Ave LA CA 90047

Phone: 310-415-0340

Secondary Agency Contact: Larrisa Gonzales

Agency Email: lgonzales@shieldsforfamilies.org

Agency Phone: 310-913-3143

Description of services: Substance abuse services, mental health services, welcome baby, healthy start, parents as teachers, case management resources, vocational/ educational services, housing linkage.

Eligibility Requirements: Primary targeted group- medical eligible. Indigent funds available to support those with no insurance

Preferred process for receiving referrals: primary targeted group- medical eligible. indigent funds available to support those with no insurance.

Connection To Referral Network: Perinatal and maternal MH services are high need in our community. We are excited to be a part of a network that communicates and provides wrap around supports to ensure the health and well-being of all members of the family.

Contact Person: Mary Agnes Erlandson, Center Director


Address: 10217 S. Inglewood Ave., Inglewood CA 90304

Phone: 310-672-2208

Secondary Agency Contact: Jeanine Torres, Administrative Assistant

Agency Email: jtorres@ccharities.org

Agency Phone: 310-672-2208

Description of services: Food programs, homeless services, utilities assistance, free diapers, immigration processing, adult education.

Eligibility Requirements: Some geographic restrictions for food programs and homeless services. For all programs, low-income status.

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Emails.

Connection To Referral Network: Working in collaboration with great community partners in service to women and families.

Contact Person: Patricia Rigney, Health Program Manager

Email: prigney@voala.org

Address: 11243 Kittridge Street, North Hollywood, CA 91606

Phone: (213) 215-9464

Secondary Agency Contact: Esther Rivera, Assistant Director

Agency Emailestherrivera@voala.org

Agency Phone: (213) 434-7558

Description of services: We provide comprehensive service to support the pregnant women through birth and beyond.

Eligibility Requirements: Free to low-income families in our service area and for families of children in high need.

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Entered online or through email.

Connection To Referral Network:  This help coordinate and improve services to our families. 

Contact Person: Lorette Herman, Executive Director

Email: lherman@acwla.org

Address: 1147 South Alvarado Street, LA, CA 90006

Phone: 213-381-8515  

Secondary Agency Contact: Espanola Johnson, Outpatient Supervisor

Agency Email: ejohnson@acwla.org

Agency Phone: 213-381-8518

Description of services: Residential 3.1 and 3.5, Intensive Outpatient Treatment 2.1 and Outpatient

Eligibility Requirements: Requires substance abuse treatment

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Email to ejohnson@acwla.org or sjohnson@acwla.org or lherman@acwla.org or 213.381.8500

Connection To Referral Network: ACW wants to serve pregnant and postpartum women to help them obtain and maintain sobriety and be able to provide a healthy life for their infant/child.

Contact Person: Stephanie Mares, Health Services Manager

Email: stephanie@calchi.org

Address: 811 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1000, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Phone: 323-637-5101

Secondary Agency Contact: Maria Torres-Almanza,  Program Director

Agency Emailmaria@calchi.org

Agency Phone: 707-434-7558

Description of services:  We can assist pregnant women with enrolling into a health insurance program that will cover pregnancy. We make sure all supporting documents are submitted to ensure they are covered. Once the baby is born we also look into options for the baby. We offer ongoing case management support if they need to find a provider or are having any barriers with access we can support with our navigation services.

Eligibility Requirements: Each health insurance program has its own eligibility requirements, to receive assistance from CHI we don’t have any eligibility requirements. We can assist anyone regardless of family size, income, age, or immigration status. We will gather all the information needed from the individual and let them know what program they are potentially eligible for.

Preferred process for receiving referrals: All our referrals can be sent via email to our Health Services Manager, Stephanie Mares. Her email is stephanie@calchi.org. Please attach the referral form we have.

Connection To Referral Network: We are excited to be a part of the Referral Network because we recently expanded our services to LA County and we hope to help the community navigate the complex world of health insurance.

Contact Person: Kelli Bradley, Executive Director of Programs

Email: kbradley@dreamcenter.org

Address: 2301 Bellevue Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Phone: 213-435-2074

Secondary Agency Contact: Monica Quezada, Director of Transitional Family Housing Program

Agency Email: mquezada@dreamcenter.org

Agency Phone: 213-273-7068

Description of services: Free residential housing for up to 2 years

Eligibility Requirements: Online application filled out, over the age of 18, sober living environment

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Online application at dreamcenter.org, then someone from agency will call to set up in-person interview

Connection To Referral Network: We love Claris and have a heart to help as many women as possible! We want to be a support to anything Claris does!

Contact Person: Alex Villalba, Community Resource Manager


Address: 1000 N. Alameda Street Suite 240 Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: 945-400-7305

Secondary Agency Contact: Durga Dasi


Phone: 805-290-5405

Description of services: We have a free perinatal peer support program, SANA SANA, that is available to birthing people and their families based in Los Angeles county. People can call, text or email us to talk through their challenges, for emotional support or to get connected to resources.

1-888-823- SANA (7262) sana@maternalmentalhealthnow.org
We also train providers on how to better support birthing people and their families.

Eligibility Requirements: Must be based in Los Angeles County

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Phone call or email

Connection To Referral Network: We are excited to be a resource for families who are looking for more consistent support throughout their family building journey. We are available to provide emotional support, connection to resources or simply a supportive ear from a peer who has been there!


Contact Person: Elena Meloni, Executive Director

Email: elena@nsfjc.org

Address: 12929 Hawthorne Blvd. Hawthorne, CA 90250

Phone: 310-947-1729

Secondary Agency Contact: Yisel Munoz

Agency Email: yisel@nsfjc.org

Agency Phone: 323-345-2686

Description of services: Mental Health Counseling, DV Education, Assistance with filing an order of protection, Benefits enrollment and Art Wellness Workshops.

Eligibility Requirements: Victims of Domestic Violence, stalking, and sexual assault from District 2 and parts of District 1 & 4.

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Please ask the client to call us at – 323-345-2686. Please follow this up with an email to the ED.

Connection To Referral Network: We believe that our clients need the services that both Claris and New Star offer.

Contact Person: Stephanie Ortega, Community Outreach Coordinator for Safe Families for Children

Email: stephanie-ortega@olivecrest.org

Address: 17800 Woodruff Ave., Bellflower, CA 90706

Phone: 562-866-8956 x. 6040

Secondary Agency Contact: Joey Collinsworth, Operation Independence Director

Agency Email: joey-collinsworth@olivecrest.org

Agency Phone: 562-866-8956 x.6047

Description of services: 2 of our programs fit this network –

–Safe Families for Children: Safe Families is a great resource for pregnant women who need more support. We can help find a trusted, screened, caring volunteer to host your other children while you are in the hospital giving birth. For first-time or experienced parents, we hope that all moms will keep our number handy for support when they are going through a difficult season.

–Operation Independence (Housing for youth aging-out of foster care): Operation Independence consists of transitional housing for young adults, ages 18-21, who have aged out of the child welfare system, and would otherwise be left to fend for themselves, often with no family or support. These kids need a safety net and coaching to be able to become healthy productive citizens. Each young adult in the program has the opportunity and space to find their footing, with the provision of a safe apartment or home, support to pursue education, work, and develop basic life skills that will equip them to navigate life effectively.

Eligibility Requirements: Safe Families for Children: Safe Families helps parents all over Southern California. We provide temporary overnight hosting to children from birth through age 17. Operation Independence:

1. Young adults that are 18-20 years old

2. Any Non-Minor Dependents in California

3. Enrolled in school

4. Demonstrated ability to secure and maintain employment

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Safe Families for Children: Please call our Safe Families hotline at 714-543-5437 ext. 1234 with any questions or to make an appointment with our staff. Operation Independence: Email for questions and application: THP-LA@olivecrest.org

Connection To Referral Network: Safe Families for Children: Our volunteer Safe Families love to help strengthen your family by giving you the support you need. We really care about you, and don’t want anyone to walk through this parenting journey alone! Operation Independence: Any additional support that women with a baby can know about is a great thing.

Contact Person: Esther Suh Kwon, CINO

Email: esther@qualifiedwomen.com

Address: POB 351666, Los Angeles CA 90035

Phone: 818.471.4588

Secondary Agency Contact: Elena Shahnaian, CEO

Agency Email: elena@qualifiedwomen.com

Agency Phone: 818.471.4588

Description of services: We offer a 3 month Career Development & Life Skills training Academy, Career Mentoring, and Accountability Coaching.

Eligibility Requirements: Potential participants have experienced sex/labor trafficking, homelessness, domestic violence, and/or incarceration. They must be 18+ years of age, provide proof of stable housing, and be willing to see a therapist once a week while enrolled in our Academy. Once they are accepted, they will be asked to submit a referral letter from their support network.

Preferred process for receiving referrals: You may email Esther (esther@qualifiedwomen.com) to request an Academy Application form for your client.

Connection To Referral Network: We look forward to partnering with various agencies to best serve the women of our organization.

Contact Person: Terry Frederickson, Principal


Address: 2824 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Phone: (213) 749-3601

Secondary Agency Contact: Andrea Klein, COE

Agency Emailaklien@laedcorps.org

Agency Phone: (213) 749-3601

Description of services: We are a high school for all students ages 17 -25. Saito High School offers in-person classes from 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM, Monday – Thursday. We are a traditional high school (prom, graduation, gradnite) for adult students. Our 7 – week Terms gives students an opportunity to earn this high school school diploma, in a year round school.

Eligibility Requirements: Ages 17 -25

Preferred process for receiving referrals: Please call (213) 749-3601 for more information and for upcoming start dates.

Connection To Referral Network: We want to help young people who were not successful in traditional high school, earn their diploma and possibly go onto college / trade school.