Finding Help While Mentoring

There Will Be Challenges

When we think of fostering or mentoring our focus is typically on those caring for children. Concern for the birth parent(s) is often overlooked. For Katrina, caring for the birth mom as if she were her own daughter is just as important as caring for her child, and helping her become an even better parent is the primary focus.  Katrina admits, “inevitably there are and will continue to be challenges and disagreements between the birth mom and I on how to best care for a child, especially considering our different upbringings.”

I’m experiencing the challenges of being a mom in many ways. We watch over the babies, but we also have to try to be there as an example to these parents. I want to be the parents that they never had. I want to make sure they know that I will be there for them when they can’t be there for themselves, and that they can rely on me. I do feel like a mom to this little boy. He is my world right now and I couldn’t love him more. I love watching him discover things and see new things. It encourages me to stay where I am and to also be the parent or guardian that I wish I had in my own life.  I enjoy every second we have together because I don’t know when it will end.

What is the Hardest Part of Mentoring?

For me, it’s watching him grow up. It can be the hardest part because I begin to imagine my life without him and it breaks my little heart. I never know when he or the other families will move away, or when my time will be up but at least l will know that I gave them everything I could for as long as I could when I had the chance. There are not enough Mother’s in the world. I want to take advantage of every moment for however long I have to be a mom-figure to him. There’s never too much love to give a child; it will always be rewarded. I don’t know enough and I don’t have enough to give these families all the things they need so I am grateful for support like Claris, and people like Niki and Summer who continue to help parents be better parents.

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