Inspiring Pandemic Moms: Career Change

My connection to Claris Health started in 2015 as a patient who was unexpectedly pregnant. After deciding to parent my baby, I knew I would be a single mom.  Claris’ staff kept in touch with me throughout the whole journey of my pregnancy. They gave me the space to discuss how I was feeling since I didn’t have any family support. They became family to me.  They even connected me to a doula who was with me during my entire labor and birth.  

For any first time mom who is walking into Claris, my words to you are that it’s perfectly okay to feel and allow your emotions to be present. Don’t fear being judged on a decision that best fits your life.

I one hundred percent understand that the unknown can be scary, but I want you to know that you are supported, cared for, and in the best hands here at Claris Health. With their knowledgeable staff you will feel much more comfortable in the decision that is best for you! My personal journey, and being cared for so well by Claris, inspired me to make a career change. I was working as a mail carrier in Santa Monica and became disconnected with life. I was stagnant, and I felt as if I was trapped in a cage running on a hamster wheel. Every morning evening I would pray and ask for guidance in my life’s purpose. As weeks went by, and the more I thought about my pregnancy journey, it became very clear that I needed to step into what it would look like to become a birth postpartum doula. Making a career change in the middle of a pandemic was empowering because I saw how my purpose was much bigger than me and bigger than my situation.

 In retrospect, I wouldn’t change anything. Connecting with Claris Health was the best part of my journey. I am forever grateful for the experience and to have gained the knowledge, support, and care they offered me. Being a mom to my sweet girl, Gaia, is divine. She is now five and is the most supportive young girl ever! With my journey of becoming a doula, it brought us even closer together because she was there cheering me on every step of the way– like Claris! We have a great understanding and mutual respect for one another’s space. We honor that as we’re both teachers & students for each other.

I want Claris moms and families to know that I am a supportive, caring and knowledgeable Birth & Postpartum Doula. I would love to connect with them and help them along their sacred journey! I hope to hear from them soon! 

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