5 Reasons to Thank Mom(s)

Musings in preparation for Mother’s Day

claris mothers day

Motherhood is no joke. You probably knew that already, but it’s still worth considering the weight of responsibility (you know, the one where it becomes your job to keep another utterly dependent human being alive and well). So it goes without saying, moms are often tired, discouraged, or even alone.

This Mother’s Day, hearing the words “thank you” may be the very thing that breathes life into her soul. You may have reasons of your own, but we came up with our 5 reasons to thank moms for your consideration.

1. Because a mom’s “job” never ends.

There are plenty of jobs out there that stretch beyond the “normal” 9 to 5. That being said, there aren’t many that literally never end. Moms are perpetually on-call. Even as the seasons change, a mom will always be a mom.

2. Because it’s a bigger responsibility than one person can bear.

There are many different kinds of “mothers” in this world. Birth mothers, adoptive mothers, step mothers, grandmothers. Regardless of her “status,” motherhood can feel isolating at times. We weren’t meant to nurture alone! We’re thankful for the many moms who, in humble recognition of their limitations, have sought out support.

3. Because moms are real-life superheroes.

From long days to sleepless nights, moms endure a lot to put their kids first. We’re not sure where they get their super human strength from, but are thankful for all that they pour into their child(ren).

4. Because mama knows best.

Sure they make mistakes. After all, they’re only human. But every now and then, they display unmatched authority and grace in laying down the law, only to be met with tantrums. As a bonus, they have the patience to let us figure out that they were right, even if it takes us decades.

5. Because moms wiped your bottom.

Does this even need an explanation?

While there are just as many ways to thank moms as there are reasons, you have a unique opportunity to combine celebration and good deeds by celebrating Mother’s Day with Claris Health.

Donate to Claris, send mom(s) some love, and help hundreds of other women who come to Claris with their parenting challenges. It’s a win-win!


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