Meet Our Team.

The Claris team is a diverse group that loves our clients, our service offerings, and working with each other a whole lot.

The Faces of Claris Health

Ali Cole

Advancement Manager
Ali oversees all donor relations and fundraising initiatives.
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Dr. Carla Janzen, MD, PhD

Medical Director
After peripheral involvement for many years, Dr. Janzen became Claris Health's Medical Director in 2016. She reviews all medical records and mentors the medical staff.
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Chris Church

Reality Check Speaker
Chris speaks to teens & young adults about sexual-health and education
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Denise Middleton


Elizabeth Orum

Executive Assistant
Elizabeth provides overall support and assistance to the Chief Executive Officer and the VP of Operations.
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Emily Keith

VP of Operations
Emily oversees the personnel and overall operations of the clinics and support programs. She also created Claris Health's sexual health education program called Reality Check.
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Emily Wright, WHNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner
Emily serves as a nurse practitioner providing services at both clinics and on the mobile.
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Evadna Nesbit, PA-C

Clinic Director
As Claris' new Clinic Director, Evadna oversees patient services and cares for the women and families visiting the clinics.
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Fernando Solis

Mobile Driver
Fernando is the primary driver of the mobile medical clinic. He oversees maintenance and operations of the vehicle.
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Jessica Chow Marketing Manager

Jessica Chow

Marketing Manager
Jessica oversees all marketing projects, as well as web design, social media, newsletters and in-house content.
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Jordan Hunter

Reality Check Manager
Jordan oversees Reality Check’s curriculum, speakers, licensees, and venues.
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Lisa Arshawsky, MSN, WHNP, RN

Certified Nurse Midwife
Lisa serves as a certified nurse midwife at Claris Health.
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Lisa Craig

Lisa Craig

LMFT & Clinical Supervisor

Monica Mendez

Patient Care Manager
Monica is responsible for the ongoing emotional and practical support of patients at Claris Health in Lynwood.
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Nancy John

Patient Care Manager
Nancy is responsible for the ongoing emotional and practical support of patients at Claris Health in West LA.
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Nia Archer

Patient Care Manager - Mobile Unit
Nia coordinates the outreach and operational needs of the mobile unit.
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Niki Woolsey

Parenting Program Director
Niki runs the Parenting Program by educating, encouraging, and supporting new parents.
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Raymond Luna

Reality Check Speaker
Raymond speaks to teens & young adults about sexual-health and education.
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Stacy Williams

Outreach Manager
Stacy oversees all community partnerships with social service providers, medical clinics, governmental agencies and faith-based organizations as well assists with donor development and fundraising events.
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Steven Cox

Reality Check Speaker
Steven speaks to teens and young adults about sexual-health and education.
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Summer McBride

Assistant Program Director
Summer assists with running the Parenting Program by educating, encouraging and supporting new parents.
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Talitha Phillips

Originally introduced to Claris Health as a client, Talitha has now served as the CEO for nineteen years and is in charge of vision casting, leadership, organizational development, and fundraising.
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Amen Bains, President

Chris Coates, Treasurer

Ronald Cole, Secretary

Jaclyn Corral, Member

Adrienne Dixon,  Member

Sarah Dubbledam, Member

Laura DuFour, RN, Member

Charles Hu, Member

Carla Janzen, MD, PHD, Member

Natalie LeVeck, Esq. Member

Talitha Phillips, CEO

Kelly Redd, Member

Andrea Regalado, Member

Kathryn Underwood, PA, Member

Tish & Charles Anderson

Theresa & Bill Armour

Natalie & Rob Corrao

Dr. Bob & Leslie Hamilton

Patricia Heaton

Jo Ann & Robert Klein

Mark Little

Celeste Liversidge, Esq.

Christine Martinez

Christine Metzler

Seth David Mitchell

Tracie & Chris Shepard

Susan & Craig Tschudi

Christa Workman, Esq.


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