Claris is joining the Lynwood community!

Bringing our unique model of care to one of LA’s most vulnerable and deserving communities.

What’s the need?

  • Highest teen birth rate in LA County
  • High rate of infant & maternal mortality
  • Highest % of women not receiving prenatal care in the 1st trimester
  • Highest % of adults with difficulty accessing healthcare

What’s Claris been up to?

  • Continuing to see medical patients.
  • Through the mobile clinic, passing out groceries, essential supplies, & hygiene kits to over 2,800 individuals (& growing!).
  • Teaching parenting classes and prenatal groups via Zoom.
  • Expanding these services into the Lynwood community! (sneak peak above of our new clinic!)

What’s the Opportunity?

  • Closer proximity to many of our community partners, making it easier for them to make referrals.
  • Great street visibility.
  • Room for growth over the next few years.
  • Close to MLK hospital for deliveries and transfer of high-risk patients, allowing a seamless transfer of care.

Join us & make an even bigger impact in this new city: